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The Trust is working hard to establish a sustainable food program which could be self supporting over a three year period.

In 2005 we operated a farm in the Kitale region of 3 acres. This farm yielded approximately 90 bags of maize, which is enough to support the program over a 12 month period.


In 2006 we doubled the size of the farm to six acres, and the yields are expected to be good. This means that we will have surplus maize that we can sell and use the proceeds to plant again next year.

The proceeds from the maize are not yet sufficient to sustain the program, so we plan in 2007 to farm 10 acres. This should see the Trust reach a sustainable harvest, where the proceeds from the sale of surplus maize will meet the costs of the following years planting. The farm is managed by Vincent, who is a trained Agriculture Teacher at a Kitale Secondary School.


In addition to the farm, the Trust has established a ¾ acre garden at Kibos, which supplies the project with fresh vegetables and fruit.

"Sing to the LORD! Give praise to the LORD!
He rescues the life of the needy.."      Jeremiah 20:13