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Kitale Rehabilitation Centre

Following on from the successful establishment of the rehabilitation centre and street outreach programs in Kibos, we have established a similar program in the agricultural town of Kitale, some 3 ½ hours north of Kisumu.

The centre is run by Vincent and Rose and was established in 2005 with an initial intake of four children. Vincent and Rose also run a street outreach program in the centre of Kitale.

Street Children


Children in Kitale

Kitale is an agricultural area, often called the “bread basket of Kenya”, with regular rains it has large farms growing maize and other crops. The Trust’s own maize farm is located here. (link to information about the farm). As a consequence of the rain, it does mean that Kitale is a lot cooler than Kisumu and living life on the streets as a small child is very harsh.



The children in our home are all now doing well and attending school.

"The poorest of the poor will find pasture and the needy wil lie down in safety"      Isaiah 14:30