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The beginning

The Isaiah Trust was begun in 2001, when the two founders, Tim Broughton and Nicky Etherington visited Kisumu at the invitation of a Kenyan Minister, who was in the UK to raise awareness of the problems with street children in his home town.

Kisumu is Kenya's third largest city and is home to over 1000 children who live and sleep on its dusty and dangerous streets, as well as to many more who beg for food during the day, only to return to slums and poverty at night.

At the end of this trip, seeing the plight of street children, in their most desperate situation, Tim and Nicky resolved to help and set up the Isaiah Trust upon their return to England.

Hope in the Streets

The Trust has set up outreach centres around Kisumu, where our trained staff work daily with some of the City’s most vulnerable children. Our small blue and white buildings, provide literacy and numeracy training, a point of meeting, counselling and support for street children in the local areas..

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Kibos Rehabilitation Centre

A rehabilitation centre at Kibos, 5 miles from the city centre provides a safe environment for children to leave the streets, leave the glue and alcohol abuse behind, get some remedial education and find hope. A similar street outreach and rehabilitation centre operates in Kitale, some 3 hours drive to the North.

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Mamboleo Orphanage

The Trust runs a small orphanage in the village of Mamboleo, approximately 8 kilometres from the city centre and about 4 kilometres from Kibos. The orphanage is run by Paul James and currently looks after about 14 children

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Kitale Rehab



Kitale Rehabilitation Centre

Following on from the successful establishment of the rehabilitation centre and street outreach programs in Kibos, we have established a similar program in the agricultural town of Kitale, some 3 ½ hours north of Kisumu.

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Foster Program

Many of the problems of street children stem from the poverty stricken rural areas surrounding Kisumu. Families, broken apart by the Aids pandemic sweeping across the African continent are often unable to support the children, who are turned onto the streets to beg for their own food.

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The Trust is working hard to establish a sustainable food program which could be self supporting over a three year period.

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" Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless;
maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed." Psalm 82:3